Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Writing Again

Started working earlier tonight on a new Liber Sodalitas product, after like a gazillion years since I'd been able to put my thoughts in order for another release in the line. Tentatively called "Iftedur's Horde," its centerpiece is the Warlord. Now I'm toying around with the mechanics for a warband, looking at some OGC and deciding if to tinker or not. Overall, I'm just happy to be writing again.


Mark Gedak said...

Which of the warband OGC are you looking at?

Bret said...

It's always nice to be writing, especially if it's been deprived from you for awhile.

Daniel M. Perez said...

I read this before becoming a publisher:
"Potential publishers need to examine their goals. Do they want to be published, or publishers? Being a publisher means running a business. It means creating a website, coordinating art, editing, and layout, marketing the product, keeping finances in order, and so on. What it leaves little time for is actually writing." - Prest0, 12 to Midnight.
How right that is, and it's why I always welcome to chance to write amidst the extra responsibilities of running the company.