Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Publishing News

On Monday I sent out the intro packages and test assignments for my Open Call to find a writer for the new DaVinci Labs line of d20 Modern/Future products. I got 17 applicants, which is a great number, and I am sure I will find a good writer from this pool. I have to admit I gave them a very tight deadline of only 18 days for two reasons, one valid, one ulterior. The valid reason is I want to see how fast they can work and still turn in a good product. Up to know I have been very lax in my deadlines, and while I have no intentions to start getting draconian about it, I want to know what I can count on. The second, and ulterior, motive is that I am leaving to Puerto Rico for a week at the end of August, and the flight will give me time to read all the entries and make a selection. We'll see how that goes.

Second news, and a great one at that, is that I have made contact with another game publisher to produce support material for their game in the form of adventures. I won't say who yet, as we still need to iron some things out, but I am excited about it. I'll say this, it's not strictly d20, so it will be a new market for HMP, and there may be a print deal in there as well. Sweet!

Now if I could only just get some of these projects I have in development finished and out the door!

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