Thursday, August 11, 2005

And Here Goes Bush Again!

Rarely do I get into issues of American politics here, including (and especially) talking about our wonderful Mr. President. This is one of those rare times:

From a post at YNet News:

"Bush: Disengagement will increase Israel's security

U.S. President George W. Bush said Israel's planned pullout from the Gaza Strip will increase its security, in excerpts of an interview broadcast Thursday on Israel TV.

Interviewed at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, Bush said, 'The disengagement is, I think, a part of making Israel more secure and peaceful.' (AP)
(08.11.05, 22:48)"

Wow. I never thought my opinion of this guy could sink lower, but there he is, outdoing himself. This is clearly ridiculous. That would be like rewarding Al-Qaeda with New York City after 9/11 so we could have a more secure and peaceful America.

It's so easy to say this kind of crap when you're half a world away in your multi-million dollar ranch.

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