Tuesday, August 23, 2005

PR Day 3: In Which I Do Mostly Work

Today I woke up pretty early, since I wanted to make the most of the day over at Josue’s house. My aunt, however, showed up as I was getting out of the shower and we spent about an hour going through some more photos she brought from her house, including some of me as a little kid (which are always fun) and some with my Dad.

About 10:30 am I got to Josue’s and we got to work (after a quick game of Samurai Shodown). Josue is not only my friend, he is also the official graphic designer for Highmoon Media Productions when he's not busy with his own company, San Juan Media. It was him who designed and made our logo, and who’s been helping out with the new website and graphics for the various HMP lines. Today we needed to finish setting up the php coding for the new website and make sure all is working fine, as well as go over the designs for the product line covers. In between video game breaks and people calling/dropping by, we actually managed to finish all we had set out to do, as well as get started on the coloring of some new pieces of artwork for the new DaVinci Labs line, since Josue just refuses to let me publish black and white mecha artwork by itself. I’m very excited about this new step, as it will create a unified look for HMP as well as for each of the lines that will help me build the various brands and grow the business.

In the afternoon, Josue’s cousin showed up to show my friend the same toy he should be receiving by week’s end, a Lyra pocket jukebox. With a new tech toy around, his focus comepletely shifted, so I took my leave, as I had planned to be home early to have dinner with my Mom and hopefully hang out with my sister. My Mom made a killer meal of white rice and red beans (with recaito, which is our own unique blend of seasonings), which has baffled everyone that knows my Mom, as she has a tendency to slightlyovercook things (I still eat them all the same). My sister, however, sold me out and took off to Heaven-knows-where, which annoyed the crap out of me. I ended up playing around on the computer after everyone went to sleep, and here I am.

No observations about Puerto Rico today, I’m afraid, as I was holed up in a house all day. I can tell you this, though: I really wonder how it is that houses here in the island don’t come with central A/C standard. The heat is absolutely unbearable! Today it was broken only by a sudden thunderstorm around midday that must have dumped like 6 inches of rain in about 2 hours. While it was raining the air cooled and there was a great breeze that was replaced by an overbearingly hot humidity two seconds after the rain stopped. That’s Puerto Rico for you.

Speaking of storms, there seems to be an area of bad weather over the Bahamas which is expected to head over to Miami in the coming days. My wife is aware of it, but they haven’t said much about it, so we’ll keep an eye on it.

Tomorrow I am going to the local Temple of Consumerism, Plaza Las Americas, the single largest shopping mall in all of the Caribbean, eye of a storm of millions of dollars in spending, and a place that makes you wonder if people in Puerto Rico actually work at all.

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