Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Places Visited

As you can see, I've traveled very little within the United States (6 states, 11%). I visited, and now live in, Florida, went to Texas in 1990 for 2 weeks, went to North Carolina and Tennessee in 1988 for a week (summer camp kind of thing in NC, with only a day-long visit to Dollywood in TN--don't ask), visited Winsconsin in 2001 for Gen Con, and gone to New York City 4 times in the last 2 years and counting (my sister-in-law lives there). Now a good friend has moved to North Carolina, so we'll be visiting more. That still leaves a whole lot of states that I have not graced with my prescence.

I fare a lot better when tallying countries visited:

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Though, of course, in relation to the whole world, it's a very small percentage (9 countries, 4%). I come from Puerto Rico (invisible red spot in the caribbean, right of Dominican Republic), and now live in the US. In 2001 I visited England, Scotland (they count as the UK), Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France (the Transfiguration Tour), while in 2002 I went to Ireland for my honeymoon. Next year we're planning to go back to the Netherlands and to Belgium, and one day, G-d willing, we want to go to Australia, New Zealand, and Israel.

Yes, it's a boring afternoon at work. :-)


Rabid Gerbil said...

Hey, that was cool. I am at 31%, which is surprising since I never hardly travel.

Cool blog.

Larissa said...

Well, I did much better in the U.S. with 21 states at 41%; I need to get out of the country more often with 9 countries, actually eight since that includes U.S, at a miserable 4%. I'll add one more next summer with Belgium. Yeah!