Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wonderful Morning - Epilogue

After my absolutely fantastic morning, my day was more or less normal. Work was boring, with just a little higher volume of calls and requests from my boss, but nothing out of the ordinary. The drive home was uneventful except for being stuck in traffic for 20 minutes due to an accident, but those happen every other day or so. I got home and all went well, until about 10 pm.

I was cleaning the kitchen, and proceeded to fill up the sink with hot water mixed with bleach. I left the water running while I went to the living room to see something in the computer. I didn't realize how fast the sink was filling, and suddenly though, "Crap, lemme turn the water off!" So I ran into the kitchen... And slipped in the water that had pooled on the floor, falling--literally--on my ass (and trust me, when you're almost 6 feet, it's a long way down). No, I didn't hurt myself, though I was quite sore in the morning.

The golden finale to it all was when I was looking for my iPod Shuffle so I could drop in there the new podcast episodes I listen to during my commute. I searched for a while, then I remembered that I had left it in the car last night when we arrived at the concert venue, so I went to the car.
The iPod was gone.
I turned the car inside out, called my mother-in-law's house (where I'd stopped before leaving for the concert, the last time I used the iPod), searched the street and my apartment. Then it hit me. When I got my car from the towing place this morning, the alarm was disengaged and the car open.
They stole my iPod at the towing place.
They were quick to point out that they were not responsible for items left in the car, but then again, I wasn't planning on having my car towed this morning, now was I (Sorry, too busy today. How about Sunday, between 10 and 11 am?). So now I am sans iPod, and subject to the horrible South Florida radio.

If you want to help me replace my stolen iPod Shuffle, click below. I only need $100; I really don't need any iPod bigger than the basic Shuffle.

All in all, a very VERY crappy day. I am now going to sleep and hope that that is it.


Alan Kellogg said...

Re iPod.

Report it stolen. The towing yard may not be responsible for items left in the car, but they are still responsible for their employees.

As an alternative, you could get in touch with a local tv station's consumer affairs reporter. If the business in question has a reputation vis a vis personal property you might be able to ferret out information on it. Could even lead to an investigation of employee pilfering and company practices.

Daniel M. Perez said...

I might report it stolen, but I doubt I'll go through the trouble of making much of a ruckus for an iPod shuffle. Yeah, I know there's the principle behind it, and normally I'm all for upholding ideals, but I don't have the time or energy in this particular instance.