Sunday, August 21, 2005

PR Day 1: Ah, Gotta Love Airports

Got to the airport a little later than I should have to find that my flight had been oversold. So instead of leaving at 11:04 am, I am now leaving at 1:22 pm. At least I had a chance to get a coffee and finish waking up.

On unrelated and sad news, yesterday morning we discovered that our guinea pig, Monty, had died overnight. I gave him and the rabbits food on Friday evening, before leaving for prayers, and yesterday morning, when we went to feed them again I found Monty slumped dead. Though it wasn’t as hard as when we lost our rabbits, it nonetheless was sad. We both liked Monty very much, and he’d been with us for five years. We’ll miss his little squeals and squeeks day and night. May he rest in peace and go meet our rabbits, Pele and Duncan, in that great burren in the sky.

Gotta head to the gate now. Don’t really feel like getting left behind twice in one day.

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