Monday, August 01, 2005

On Travel and Bad Movies

Sometimes I wish I had a direct mind-blog connection; I miss posting so much stuff otherwise.

Last week my wife flew to New York for the weekend to see her sister and mom. Taking her to the airport on Thursday, walking those crowded terminals, going up and down stairs to out-of-the-way gates, seeing all those people with their luggage and packs ready to go somewhere other than here... it all made me remember how much I love traveling, how much I love the idea of taking off to another destination. I'll get my chance later this month, when I go for a week to Puerto Rico to visit family and friends.

During the weekend I took the opportunity to watch a couple of movies that my wife would simply refuse to watch were she here, namely Immortal, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and (wait for it) Eurotrip. They all sucked in one way or another, especially Immortal - NEVER watch it, it was soooooo slow and pointless. League was cool but fell so short of what I could've been, and Eurotrip... well, I didn't rent Eurotrip for the deep insight into European culture, I rented it to see Lucy Lawless as a Dutch dominatrix (which was funny as hell). The song was catchy, though.

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