Saturday, August 06, 2005

Nice Words

Berin Kinsman, webmaster of, had these words to say in regards to my company, Highmoon Media Productions:

I like Highmoon stuff. It's quality goods by fine, talented people. That's why I posted this release before Daniel had the chance; this is a company I want to support.

Everyone should buy lots of Highmoon products from the outlet of your choice. [...] the message here, which is: Highmoon is a publisher worth supporting, Buy Highmoon Stuff.

Posted by: Berin Kinsman on Jul 28, 05 10:14 am

This was in reply to the press release I sent for From Stone to Steel (which you can see below), which Berin posted to his site before I had a chance to do so. You read the whole thread here, and see Berin's full post.

You can't buy that kind of support or advertising. Words like that make me all happy and stuff. I'm definitely doing something right. :-)

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