Thursday, August 04, 2005

Reviews Galore!

There have been a number of reviews for HMP products recently, so we've compiled them below for ease of viewing. Enjoy!

As always, we'd like to exhort our customers to review our products and give us some feedback, so we can improve. You can leave reviews/feedback at each of the online stores, or at Be sure to email us and let us know if you do a review.


Mark Gedak said...

But the question remains. Has the positive reviews lead to an increase in sales.

Daniel M. Perez said...

In all honesty, no, they haven't so far. Sales of the reviewed products have been slow and there has been absolutely no impact I can see. That said, my products have received a second moment in the spotlight that is the front page of EN World, which helps me with visibility.

I wasn't expecting there to be major changes in sales (I've learned enough from other publishers), but I was counting on the renewed exposition, which I've gotten better than I expected, what with 4 of my products reviewed in the last 2 weeks.