Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Art Frustration

Though not on my part. I comissioned Jeremy Mohler to do an illustration for my newest Bardic Lore, which presents the warp spasms of Celtic lore. These are massive, body-altering, make-the-Hulk-look-like-a-wiry-teenager fits of rage that turn the warrior into a veritable avatar of destruction. The most famous one of these warped warriors is Cuchulainn, though fans of the Slaine comic/RPG will be familiar with them as well.

Jeremy did one piece already, and while good, it wasn't quite what I had in mind (though that was my fault since I wasn't as clear as I could have been in my art directions), so I splurged big time and comissioned a second piece showing the full effects of the warp spasm. Problem is, the very same realism I so admire in Jeremy's art is getting in the way of expressing the utter ridiculousness of a full warp spasm. Seriously, these guys when they warped had their legs turn backwards (like birds), their torsos bulge to immense proportions, blood spurt like a fountain from their heads, and skin that turned inside out. Not all, but it's a pattern.

I just saw a sketch Jeremy sent me, and while not as warped as it could be, it is certainly there and I just gave him some quick notes on small fixes. I'm not paying him a huge amount for these illustrations, and I don't want him to either spend too much time on a low-paying job when he could be doing some other higher-profit ones, or send me to hell because I'm just too damn picky for the price. I rather keep him happy because I have more illustrations I want him to do. :-)

Hopefully we'll have this Bardic Lore out soon, so I can then have another one ready for St. Patty's Day. Now back to writing about the 12 Tribes of Israel.


Kathy Luzzi said...

I thoroughly understand the problem of bringing your character, and the amazing feat, to life in an illustration. As a professional artist, we try to please but we can never capture the full picture of what is in your mind.

Daniel M. Perez said...

I know how that feels from the writing side. So far my artists have surprised me throughly by delivering images that have an uncanny resemblance to what I had in mind, and I'm sure Jeremy will deliver as well.