Friday, March 03, 2006

A Worthwhile Gig

My synagogue will be celebrating its 1st Annual Gala Dinner on March 16, and we'll be having a Journal to commemorate the event. The job of putting together the Journal was assigned by my Rabbi to another congregant who does web design, but he has never done layouts, let alone have the software in his computer. This man (the same one with whom I am starting to do web design, from a couple posts down) came to ask me a few questions about layout. After I realized that he just had no idea what he was doing, I offered to do the job instead, much to his relief (and the printer's, after she realized that she could talk to me in technical terms and I knew what she was talking about). Last night I met with my Rabbi and got all the information I needed to start working on the layout, which I hope to start by Sunday.

I am very excited about this gig. I have a very specific set of skills and to be able to use those in service to my synagogue, my community and G-d is very satisfying. Besides, this would be the first freelance layout job I ever do, so there's that as well.

Now, gotta go home for Shabbat.

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