Monday, March 27, 2006


I am a bad publisher. There, I said it.
Why? Because I am, though here are some reasons:
  1. I have six--count them, six--Liber Sodalitas submissions in need of editing and comments to the writers so we can move them down to layout and release. They have been holding for a varied number of days, the latest just some four to five days, the oldest about six weeks.
  2. I have an article that I need to finish for the first issue of Targum Magazine which has been in limbo since about mid-February.
  3. I have another article for the same magazine that needs the descriptions for 3 creatures which is also in limbo at the moment.
  4. I have yet a third article for the magazine that I need to edit, though this one has been in limbo for only a week and a half.
  5. After all those articles are done, I need to get the magazine laid out and released, hopefully before Passover begins, April 12.
  6. I need to upload a number of products to ENGS, DriveThruRPG and e23. At the very least, I need to upload 3 products to ENGS so that the bundle I created can actually go into effect.
  7. I need to finish a Medieval Players Manual adventure that Bret Boyd wrote for us last year, though to be fair to me, the delay is not directly my fault but that of the cartographer, who has disappeared off the face of the Earth. Still, it is my duty to track him down or find a new one, and I haven't.
  8. I think I can stop here, before I embarrass myself even more, though this is by no means a complete list.

I realize that we all have ongoing projects all the time, but that's not my problem. My problem is both a lack of time (in general, you'll see why) and the fact that my attention right now is elsewhere.

As I mentioned before, my wife, our friend and I have started a new company called Destination: Earth Travel Planners, and it is currently #1 on my mind. I have been working on the company website, spending quite a large number of hours emailing/chatting/talking with my two partners, trying to settle down all the details of our services, fees, etc., spending another whole lot of hours scouring the net for travel resources that we can either use to our benefit or mine for ideas, and researching all the details of setting up a partnership plus all that it entails. In short, Travel right now is king supreme in my mind, not RPGs.

I am exhausted, however. I am basically working five jobs and only getting paid for one: there my day job, which is seriously starting to annoy the heck out of me; Highmoon Media Productions, which, I am painfully aware, I have neglected lately, though there are things I still do for it as I can; Destination: Earth, which has me consumed at the moment; the freelance web design I am doing for a company and which I have also neglected horribly (and need to finish between today and tomorrow somehow); and the latest, being the unofficial secretary to my Rabbi and synagogue, a position I seem to have acquired after I did the layout for the Gala Dinner Journal. Add to all that the preparations for Passover, just two weeks away, and you end up with a very tired, very unfocused, me.

I know I will be able to get everything under control, one way or another. For now, though, Destination: Earth does remain my main focus; while I love doing my work through HMP, it is Destination: Earth that I think will get me and my wife ahead, the one with the most realistic (at least in my case, not dissing people like Gareth @ Adamant, or Phil @ Ronin Arts) chance of being a truly successful company.

The boss left to go somewhere or other, so I'm gonna take the opportunity and leave 1/2 hour early. Bye!


Mark said...

You also have a bad freelancer who hasn't finished a product even though it was started a long, long, long time ago.

Daniel M. Perez said...

Trust me, right now, that's probably a good thing. I couldn't do anything with it unless you guys handed it over 100% ready to go.

Bret said...

That's the trouble with us hobby-lancers. Even though we might really want to write something, it's just too easy to get distracted by other things since the writing gig is, to be quite honest, barely worth the time/money ratio in the first place. If you're trying to get a credit in the biz, then you do it ASAP. But for those with a few notches in the belt and who don't do it to survive, it becomes more of a chore as you go along.

Scott said...

Bad publisher! No Pie! (mmmmmm......pie.....ghaaa)