Monday, March 20, 2006

Back At Last

The rumors of my demise are greatly exagerated, though not by much for a while there. Now that things have gone back to more or less normal I can come back here to talk.

Pretty much all last week was spent in a half-awake haze where all I did was come to work, go home, then work on the Gala Dinner Journal for my shul. As i had expected, it did entail very late nights every night getting the thing done and then adding everything that had come in during the day, the quantity of which grew as the deadline fast approached. It simply was just easier to wait till 11 pm or so until my Rabbi had sent in everything he was going to send for the night than to start working and having to stop every so often to add this, fix that, or answer this and that. The result, however, was great. I sent in the final print-ready PDF to the printers on Sunday, and Thursday night I saw the results. The journal came out awesome, all bias aside, and everyone was super pleased with the way their ads came out. I even got the chance to sneak one ad in there as well, which brings me to news #2.

My wife, our friend and traveling partner, and I have decided to open up a new Travel business. Well, notcompletely new. I have spoken here before about Destination: Earth, what I wanted to be a Miami-based travel store. Things is, I don't have $100K to open up yet, so what to do in the meantime? Well, we are launching the brand as a Travel Planning service, where we help out people plan out their trips the same way we have planned out each one of our own trips, including our upcoming summer trip to Holland and Belgium. Basically what we do is take your interests, budget and time constrains, and help you plan a great trip based on your individual needs. We also offer the convenience of handling all the boring parts , like booking plane tickets, cars, hotels, etc. for an extra fee each. We are all very excited about this development, and hope that it eventually allows us all to both travel more freely and open the store as I had originally planned.

The other news is that I ran across this blog called Paris Daily Photo, and through it I found a whole community of Daily Photo blogs from across the world. But guess what, none for Miami. So I decided to jump right in and start Miami Daily Photo blog and see what happens. At the very least it will serve as a great promotion spot for Destination: Earth, and if I can show a different side to Miami than South Beach, all the better. The Miami Daily Photo blog launches Wed., March 22, so check it out!

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