Thursday, July 28, 2005

[HMP Press] From Stone to Steel Released on PDF

Massive encyclopedia of weapons and armors for d20 gains new life in electronic edition.

July 28, 2005 - Miami Beach, FL: From Stone to Steel, MonkeyGod Enterprises' 350+ page encyclopedia of weaponry and armor, has been released in an electronic edition by Highmoon Media Productions. The book, which was originally released in 2003 in a deluxe hardcover edition, chronicles the development of weapons and armor from the stone age, all the way to the Renaissance, with an eye towards cultures all across the globe.

Though From Stone to Steel is still available in print, it has become hard to find, and fans have been clamoring for an electronic version for years now. Through the former MonkeyGod Enterprises' partnership with Highmoon Media Productions, this wish is now a reality. The PDF edition of From Stone to Steel is 352 pages long, and is fully bookmarked for ease of use. "From the moment we partnered with MonkeyGod, this has been the book we have been wanting to release on PDF," said Highmoon Media Productions' owner, Daniel M. Perez "It is just such a massive resource for d20 players, and will appeal to anyone interested in the history and development of weapons and armors through the ages. Simply a magnificent book."

From Stone to Steel can be purchased today from, e23, and

Product Details:
From the dawn of history, mankind has made war. In every age and civilization, people have developed tools of warfare. From the remotest primitive tribe to the greatest empire, every culture has created weapons for hunting, protection, conflict, and defenses against the same. The record of history measures their successes and failures. No campaign world could ever hope to be as varied and diverse as our own. Despite fantastic races and locations, every fantasy world recycles themes mirrored in our own histories, myths, and culture. But many cultures go unnoticed or un-examined in role playing games. Many games become limited by our narrow views of what fantasy is, and can be. No longer.

'From Stone to Steel' is a book of weaponry and armor, but it is also an examination of history and cultures. From age to age, every culture has approached similar ends and concepts with its own unique perspective. 'From Stone to Steel' is not a simple list of items, but an explanation of their use, their cultural significance, even their drawbacks. Besides weapons and armor, 'From Stone to Steel' contains new feats, new subskills, new prestige classes, and new mechanics. Through each chapter, topics like tactics, special materials, training, and culture are discussed, so that they can be understood and placed in any campaign world. And though these items are based in history, suggestions are made for their inclusion in fantasy world. You'll even find items of myth, fantastic construction materials, new spells to augment weapons and armor, even inclusion of fantasy racial items (based, where possible, on myth or legend).

From stone-age primitives to the height of the Renaissance, history is in your hands. From 'Stone to Steel' - Never look at d20 gaming the same way again!

Written by: Aaron Stimson
Cover by: Allan Pollack
Artwork by: Jim Branch, Fred Rawles
Pages: 352, Fully Bookmarked.

What People Are Saying:
Not merely a catalog from which PCs can shop, From Stone to Steel presents the cultural, social, and psychological backgrounds from whence the weapons came. Illustrations and detailed descriptions help understand the equipment and its use. Tactics and the art of warfare as waged by different civilizations allow the GM and players the opportunity to truly customize the world and/or characters. [...] This would very likely be the last book about arms and armor you’d ever need to buy.

From Stone to Steel does an excellent job in its coverage. [...] For weapons and armor, it's superior to WotC's Equipment Guide, Mongoose's Ultimate Equipment Guide, Fast Forward Games' Encyclopedia of Weaponry and Bastion Press' Arms & Armor.
-- Joe G. Kushner,

Amazing piece of work. It's not really a d20 supplement at heart, it's someone's history book about ancient arms and armor, with some stats added in.
-- M. Jason Parent, Owner - E.N. Publishing


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Daniel M. Perez
Highmoon Media Productions

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