Thursday, May 25, 2006

(Seemingly) Random Thought For Today

Recording a podcast is hard.

I mean, it's already hard talking to yourself without feeling like an idiot, wondering if you should stick to a script or wing it, and double-guessing whether anyone really cares to hear what you have to say, but on top of that, just getting the damned thing straight in the least number of takes possible is just hard. I have new-found respect for all those who do it on a weekly basis and make it seem so easy.

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Lonnie Ezell said...

Don't worry. After four or five 'casts, you start to feel natural. By 10, it feels like you're in the groove, and you're no longer an idiot, you're doing something cool. By 20, you're starting to wonder if you can still come up with new content. And by 40 you're trying to figure out why something so fun feels like work. Then you take a week off, and come back: and you feel like an idiot all over again.

So don't worry. You're doing it right! ;)