Monday, January 30, 2006

Cool HMP News

Two very neat news for Highmoon Media:

1- I have finished the new Bardic Lore release. Now it's just waiting for art so I can lay it out. I am very happy with it, especially because I am writing again (and I also think it is very cool, in my own very biased opinion).

2- It looks like the new Explorer Guide might become a reality. I'm still in talks trying to iron out all the details, but the manuscript is in, the budget is being assembled, and artists lie at the wait. I am psyched about this!
2a- A corollary to #2 is that I have discovered that the writer of both the new Explorer Guide and the other mini-campaign setting we are working on is also an artist, and a good one at that! He sent me today some sketches that, with a little polishing, would be perfect final pieces for the book. It seems that what was going to be a new Legendary Land will become a new setting for HMP to produce. I'll leave you with a sample from Montdargent:

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