Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I was going to PayPal payment to my freelance graphic designer, so I decided to make sure my account balance could cover the payment. I went to Wachovia.com, checked my account and, lo and behold, my balance is -$500!!! A quick check of the transactions done and pending reveals two charges to a Ticnet.se, which a quick Google search reveals to be a Swedish Ticketmaster partner. So it seems some scumbag decided to charge for concerts in Sweden using my credit card. Considering the conversion is about 8 Swedish Kronor for each dollar, this bastard purchased tickets for him/herself and their whole family, friends, and village. Thankfully the folks at Wachovia were able to put a hold on the transactions, restore my original balance, cancel my card and issue me a new one, all in about 20 minutes.

Did I have this card saved on some online store? Yes, two to be precise: PayPal and RPGnow.com. Guess what I'm not doing from now on.

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Mark Gedak said...

That's unfortunate to here.