Monday, June 20, 2005

A Sobering Thought And New Decisions Made

Since going Friday to the Container Store and having a Post-Travel Depression attack at the store, I spent the whole weekend deep in really serious thoughts, the kind that are scary because it means you are an adult and stuff. Chief among these, was a very sobering thought:

I am 30 years old right now. By all accounts, regardless of how many years of life G-d decides to grant me (may it be 120), I have lived a good chunk of my life already. There's been ups and downs, but overall it's been good, except for one thing, the whole "following your dreams" thing. Now, I have Highmoon at the moment, and what I do through Highmoon is incredibly satisfying and fulfilling because it is precisely a part of my dreams, now a reality. But there's more; dreams don't feed a family, or buy a house, etc. but they can be used to enable those things.

I want something where I can feel like I am following a dream, making it a reality, and at the same time being a responsible head of household, with all that entails. So I pondered all throughout the weekend about what is it that I truly like, those things that speak to the core essence of my Being. I came up with three concepts: Writing, Travel and Knowledge (there are actually two more, G-d and my wife, the two constant and overarching essentials in my life). Highmoon now fulfills my Writing core desire, so I now had to figure how to address the other two. Furthermore, I want my wife to be a part of this; there is no point in following a dream if you are going at it alone, leaving your soulmate behind. The great thing about my wife is that she shares these three core desires as well; we are soulmates, after all!

After an initial chimera sparked into my brain on Friday, this idea has been floating around in my head. So I did some web research on Friday, and on Sunday, and thought about it more and more, had a conversation with my mother-in-law, had another conversation with my wife, and after all that, it was still around, so maybe there is something to it. I would like to open a Travel Store.

Easier said than done, I know, but frankly, everything in life worth pursuing is. I think there is a market for it, especially here in Miami, a gateway to the world. While it is very easy for my wife and I to plan a trip, do all the research, get everything together and go, it is amazing to me how many people are unable to do this, mainly out of fear of the unknown. If we can help people enable and realize their travel dreams, while doing it for ourselves as well, while earning a living for our family, then there is something worth pursuing there for sure.

I am not dropping Highmoon, but rather expanding my horizons. We'll see where this ends up; hopefully in a dedicated Travel Store in Miami, Florida very soon.


Alan Kellogg said...

I hope it works out for you. But be sure to get what training (etc.) you can on running a business. Most new concerns fail because the owner(s) had no idea of what they were doing.

And you can the travel store and its customers as inspiration for adventures.

"Col. Hardee's Adventure Emporium

"Where adventurers young and old gear up for their next epic endeavour." :)

Daniel M. Perez said...

Hey, Alan (Mythusmage). Thanks for the encouraging words. I agree that I truly need to prepare myself for this. I have begun work on a business plan for the store, and will contact a few people I know with lots of real-world business experience for suggestions and whatnot. As for "Col. Hardee's Adventure Emporium," mind if I joink that idea? ;)

Mark Gedak said...

Good luck with your venture. "Adult" decisions always suck to make.

On Friday I was deciding whether or not to stay at this teaching assignment. I've decided to stay on as we put some changes in place for next year and it leaves my nights mostly free for writing, playtesting, and proofreading in the industry.

Daniel M. Perez said...

Hey, Mark. The funny thing is that, of all the "adult" decisions I have made, this is the one I am most at peace with, and excited about (aside from marrying my wife, of course). I went through an intense idealistic youth phase up until my college years that, with 20/20 hindsight, all it did was set me back somewhat. It takes time to realize that dreams and reality can coexist, you just have to work at it. Like I said, I'm excited.

Good luck with your job next year, I hope it turns out for the better (so that you can keep helping me out with Highmoon!). :-)