Thursday, June 30, 2005

So Much Stuff On My Mind!

I have so many projects on my mind that sometimes I fear they may be cancelling each other (and my wife pointed this out to me last night). Nevertheless, I gotta keep at it.

Project #1 - Finishing the Testament adventures for release. One is edited, the other one is undergoing Spike's magical hoodoo. Waiting on graphical elements from Green Ronin, but giving them time since Origins is this weekend.

Project #2 - Edit the one Medieval Player's Manual adventure I have in. This is a monster at 50-pages in rough form. I just need to take the time to sit down with my red pen (yes, I do edit with a red pen, comes from having an English degree) and go through it. Preliminary reading revealed it's in good shape, just needs tightening.

Project #3 - Launching 'DaVinci Labs' once and for all. I have been sitting on the initial two pieces of artwork for some 8 months now, and it's just ridiculous. If my friend Josue finally gets the covers done that'll be a start. Adam Dickstein should have the second piece of artwork I commissioned soon, and then I just need to write it, or find someone who can write it based on my notes (it's a d20 Future mecha for a fixed rate, if there are any takers).

Project #4 - Writing, editing, and seeing if I can 'True20' Project Shira (I just made that up), which I am developing with Scott Carter. The d20 Modern part is coming along fine, and I believe it can be translated to True20 with ease (and with some new mechanics, as well), but it takes time, and I'd like to get the Modern version done first seeing as how we are about 65% already done.

Project #5 - General 'expanding HMP' stuff. It takes a lot of time to run this one-man show, and HMP is still small even among small publishers in this small corner of the small RPG industry!

Project #6 - Though it's currently simmering on a backburner, there's the Literary magazine I'd like to start. But as I said, this one's simmering, so it's not pressing.

Project #7 - The travel store. And this is the big one because this is the one I feel will be able to carry me and my family, allowing for all the other projects to be continued.

I have decided on a name for the store: Destination: Earth Travel Store. The name just came to me, and my first instinct has never failed me as far as names go. My wife pointed out that it has a slight 'sci-fi' tinge to it, and she's right; I like that, though, as it sorta hints at other parts of me. I am finishing the store's website and purchasing the domain either today or tomorrow. I've also started my business plan, and got a couple of books on the subject of a start-up retail and travel business. So, for one week later, I feel there's been some movement in the right direction.

If ever I needed confirmation that my idea for a travel store was viable, this weekend was it. Sunday we went with my mother-in-law to The Container Store to look at the travel stuff they had, in preparation for our trip to Holland and Belgium next year (see 'Germ of a Travel Idea' below). Well, looking turned into purchasing, and when all was said and done, by mother-in-law had spent some $250 plus another $70 spent by her friend for a travel-related gift. All in about an hour's shopping, without any salesperson helping us (actually, my wife and I should have gotten that commission), and with a limited product selection. Understand that my mother-in-law is not a spendthrift by any stretch of the imagination, so this was a calculated buy with some impulse items thrown in.

That's not all, the next day I went to the same store with my father-in-law (who IS a spendthrift) only to purchase a $30 toiletry kit. Half an hour later we left with a purchase of $350, once more without the help of any salesperson (and again, I should have gotten the commission). These two episodes alone convinced me that there is a market out there that would shop at my store; heck, even the lasy at The Container Store that sorta helped us liked the idea! I really need to make this happen.

Project #8 - Getting the house clean and ready for Shabbat and for my wife's friend visiting from California.

Oy vey. Seriously, I need to clone myself.

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