Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Tired, Happy, Frustrated, and then Happy Again

It's been a hell of a two-week period; I feel so tired, though I have two days off at the start of April.

First, on St. Patrick's Day I finally finished and uploaded for sale a new product,
Bardic Lore: Ogham. Based on the ancient written language of Ireland, it brings it to d20 gaming along with some nice new rules for item creation. I am incredibly happy with that product, mainly because it was done 100% on a whim to create something fitting for St. Patrick's Day (or as I refer to it, Ireland Day). The whole thing took 2 weeks to finish, though adding the hours it comes out to about 15, give or take. I was so determined to finish it on time for St. Patty's I ditched game night two weeks in a row (it's fine, it's only Star Wars now) and pressed my proofreader into rush service (my heartfelt thanks to Mark for that). So far sales have been very good, which makes me even happier.

On the down side, my boss (aka. my Father-in-law) has been a complete and utter pain in the behind for the last 2 weeks, which drives me insane. I don't wanna go too much into it, but let's just say it all stems from the fact that he's a money-driven person and I am so not. It's not that I don't like making money, but it is definitely not at the top of the list for me; I find there are other things more important in life, while he... well, if he thinks that way, then he's fooling everyone around him.

I just need to get through the next two weeks and then I'll have some days off. In some great news, my brother is currently in the US from Iraq. Though he has to leave again next Tuesday, it was great to talk to him and to know he's just 7 hours away to the North, as opposed to a world away in the sandbox. He has 4 more months, G-d willing, and then he'll be back in the US until the end of his tour of duty. May G-d bring him and all the other soldiers back home to their families soon.

Purim starts tomorrow night, which is freaking great! Gotta fast tomorrow during the day, though, but it's a small price to pay. Mmm... hamentaschen.

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