Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Back From NYC And Sad News

Back from New York. It was a cool trip, wish I could've stayed there and not come back to Miami.

We had some really sad news while on our trip. One of our rabbits, Duncan, passed away while we were away. I took him to the vet last Wednesday, before we left, cause he wasn't eating and the doctor decided to hospitilize him for observation. He died Thursday, Thanksgiving night.
Duncan was probably the favorite of our rabbits. He was a rescue, and he always was very thankful of the life we gave him. He was sweet, curious and sometimes too smart for his own good. He had a temper, but rarely used it (only with Nuala, another of our rabbits). He always loved us, and allowed us the honor of petting him until our hands fell off.
He will be missed. May he be happy in the great rabbit burren in the sky.

Duncan McFufu, The Mighty

-- Highmoon

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